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How It All Got Started...

Izzy and her Dad

Izzy's first lemonade stand. Old National Bank, 2014.

Izzy's Lemon Aid was created in 2014 by Isabella "Izzy" Grimes. At age 6, Izzy wanted to do the typical "Summertime Lemonade Stand" that most kids do at her age...but there was a twist. She wanted to use her profits to support a local charity. After careful thought, she chose a local law enforcement charity dedicated to helping the families of law enforcement officers and firefighters in times of need. She helped her dad design and build her first lemonade stand "Izzy's Buzzy Bee Cafe". Izzy didn't want to serve regular lemonade, she wanted it to be the best tasting stuff she ever had; Lemon Shake-Ups!

After carefully approaching a local bank manager, she was allowed to set up in front of the bank on their customer appreciation day. In short, Izzy was able to bring in over $100 in 4 hours! After getting home, she counted the money and looked up at her father and casually said "This isn't enough money. We need to find a way to make more so we can help more people." With that simple, honest, and selfless statement, Izzy's Lemon Aid was born.

Izzy and her parents decided the best way to maximize their donations was to sell more lemonade. The best way to do this, was to attend bigger events, festivals, shows, etc. with more people. Izzy's Lemon Aid is now a mobile food vending operation with a 10' x 10' canopy tent, full color banners, and NSF Approved Equipment! How many kid's lemonade stands can pass an inspection from the Health Department? We can and do! We have the capability of servicing your small, private party to your large festival or county fair!

Helping Communities, One Cup At A Time...

Even though Izzy's Lemon Aid has grown, we have not lost sight of Izzy's original reason for creating this company. In fact, it's always at the forefront of what we do. Every time we do an event, we choose a charity, non-profit organization, food bank, shelter or even an individual within that community to help. After our initial costs are covered, the rest always goes towards helping people. Some examples of past contributions include Local Food Banks and Homeless Shelters, YWCA Women and Children's Shelters, Law Enforcement and Firefighter Charities, Kalamazoo Institute of Arts Children's Scholarship Fund, and Talons Out Honor Flight. Our mission is to help our fellow man (and woman). We believe that if we all looked out for one another, this world would be a better place. No Color, Creed, Sex, Religion, Physical Disability or Financial Status sets us apart. We are ALL human beings and Everyone Matters...Everyone.